Wednesday, 3 April 2013

This is seriously, one of my favorite nail polishes I've ever bought. Its Barry M's Hi-Shine Nail Paint - Green Berry. Its the most perfect colour. I'm defiantly going to go back to my local Super Drug and pick up more! They are insanely pigmented, <(two coats) Although, I would consider applying a top coat for a long lasting result with less chipping, but that's not a problem. The mean feature of this nail polish that draws my attention is the shine that remains on the nail, its as if its still wet. The shine it amazing, and give of a wonderful fresh effect. Id defiantly recommend the nail polishes, as they are affordable and very high quality. 
Im Back!
I'm Back! I've finally deiced to use my blog again. Being honest I was never into blogging but lately I've been inspired! Let me know on my what you would like me to blog about, weather its reviews on makeup? My current life etc... Its all down to you people,  after all it is you guys reading it.  Im currently thinking of doing a blog sale, as I was scanning through my wardrobe the other day and was thinking 'do i even where most of this stuff?' and the answer was NO! So why should I let the stuff go to waste when I can sell it to you people! Ive knits from topshop, random tops, shorts... A bit of everything really... So please let me know your opinions! Xx